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Hyundai is Helping Drivers Stave off Highway Hypnosis

You're getting sleepy, very sleepy, but that's not a pocket watch oscillating back in forth in front of you; its traffic so wake up!

That's right, we're talking about highway hypnosis. You know the trance-like state you might find yourself in during a long drive, or even a short, familiar route.

It can happen to any driver and its obviously very dangerous, so Hyundai is stepping in to help determine the…

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Hyundai is Helping to Ramp-up the Hydrogen Infrastructure in the US

Here at Green Family Hyundai, we knew that hydrogen fuel was gaining some traction globally. After we communicated that Hyundai would be producing a fuel edition of the Tucson, we realized that the movement was catching on here in the US, too.

However, the folks at our Moline, IL dealership were still pretty surprised to learn that a hydrogen infrastructure is already underway in California. In fact there are about 10 refilling sites in the…

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Crossing Over a Milestone: The Hyundai Santa Fe Sells its One Millionth Model

The Hyundai Santa Fe has had an illustrious history in US. Hitting the scene way back in 2000, the design and concept was very new to the automotive industry. Like most game-changers, the crossover even took a little heat from the critics early on. However, the public got behind it right away and it quickly became a top seller in the new Hyundai lineup.

Here we are a few years and a couple generations later…

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Green Family Hyundai Discusses Blue Link Technology

From time to time, most Moline, IL drivers could use an extra hand at the wheel. Not literally, of course. That would be one of those "too many cooks in the kitchen" sort of deals. Figuratively, though, we all need a little assistance every now and then. So a couple of years ago Hyundai introduced its Blue Link technology.

The revolutionary system can help you with everything from determining the fastest route home to accessing…

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Hyundai Veloster is KBB's Coolest Car Under $18,000

Yep, the Veloster is pretty much the Steve McQueen of Cars under $18,000. Just imagine how cool that Bullitt chase scene would've been if Steve were driving a Veloster. On second thought, that might've been too much cool for one movie.

Apparently the new Hyundai had just the right amount of fun and attitude to land in the top spot on's "10 Coolest New Cars Under $18,000". The…

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Something is Carbon-Neutral in the State of Denmark: the Hyundai ix35

Well, more specifically the action is unfolding in Copenhagen. Don't worry, though, we're not launching into a Danish tragedy; there are no betrayed kings or vengeful princes. This is a positive tale about sustainable technology.

Denmark's capital has set a goal of being completely carbon-neutral by 2025 and in an effort to ramp up the process they've looked to Hyundai for help. So, of course, the always-accommodating automaker swept in and…

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Two 2013 Hyundai Models get Top Honors in Driver Satisfaction

If you're looking for a tip on a great new vehicle, it usually works best to ask other drivers what they think of their cars. Well, that's exactly what AutoPacific did to determine the winners of their 2013 Vehicle Satisfaction Awards.

The research firm got information directly from over 50,000 vehicle owners and asked them to rate their satisfaction based on determinants that ranged from driving comfort and convenience to the all-important…

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2013 Hyundai Santa Fe Named Best in Class for Winter Driving

At Green Family Hyundai we know a thing or two about driving in the winter. Snow, sleet, wind, freezing rain, you name it and we've seen it here in Moline, IL. We even saw some this spring.

Needless to say, your life won't shut down due to variable weather. So you need a vehicle that can get you wherever you need to be, no matter what it's like outside. Have you considered…

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Hyundai Storms into Spring with Record-Setting Sales in April

Spring is off to quite a start for us at Green family Hyundai in Moline, IL. Apparently we're not the only dealership seeing a spark in sales this time of year.

April of 2013 was Hyundai's best April ever and Hyundai's Executive VP of national sales, Dave Zuchowski, seems pretty encouraged by the big news. "Through the first four months of this year, HMA has shattered its all-time volume mark... we fully…

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