Hyundai is Helping Drivers Stave off Highway Hypnosis

You're getting sleepy, very sleepy, but that's not a pocket watch oscillating back in forth in front of you; its traffic so wake up!

That's right, we're talking about highway hypnosis. You know the trance-like state you might find yourself in during a long drive, or even a short, familiar route.

It can happen to any driver and its obviously very dangerous, so Hyundai is stepping in to help determine the cause of this not-so-pleasant reverie. It's super-scientific, too. Our brand's engineers are teaming up with the University of Michigan to conduct a study that measures brain activity, and thus getting at the heart of what can put us "under" behind the wheel.

Once the nature of highway hypnosis is uncovered, the goal is to develop a safety feature that will not only detect when the driver is slipping into a sleep-like state, it will also alert the operator to perk them back up. It certainly beats fueling up on coffee before your commute home. Unless you've grown fond of your sleepless nights.

We're clearly just at the early stages right now, but our Green Family Hyundai staff will keep an eye out for developments. When we learn more, we'll fill you right in on our automotive blog.

In the meantime, if the dull vehicle you've been driving for the past couple of years has you in a rut in the road, stop into our Moline, IL showroom to test out a few new Hyundai models. We're sure we can find a car that will get you excited to be behind the wheel.  

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