Green Family Hyundai Discusses Blue Link Technology

From time to time, most Moline, IL drivers could use an extra hand at the wheel. Not literally, of course. That would be one of those "too many cooks in the kitchen" sort of deals. Figuratively, though, we all need a little assistance every now and then. So a couple of years ago Hyundai introduced its Blue Link technology.

The revolutionary system can help you with everything from determining the fastest route home to accessing emergency roadside assistance. Resting somewhere in between the two services, Blue Link can also remotely close or open your vehicle. That means locking yourself out of your car no longer requires a lengthy wait, an inordinate fee, or a Slim Jim being jammed through your drivers' side door.

With tens of thousands of drivers are utilizing the technology in conjunction with Assurance Connected Care, there's quite a bit of data up for grabs. Recently Hyundai got down to crunching those numbers and their work has revealed a couple of interesting facts.

Remember that remote unlock feature we referenced? That has been put to use almost 3 million times. While the towing companies might be a little put-off, that huge figure must mean there are plenty of happy new Hyundai owners out there.

Thankfully, as far as true emergency situations are concerned the figure is quite a bit smaller. But even still, over 10,000 drivers have used Blue Link for help.

So while Blue Link technology might be filed under a convenience feature, here at Green Family Hyundai we think that it can be very impactful and the data we came across seems to back us up ten-thousand-fold.

To learn more about Blue Link or Assurance Connected Care, stop into our showroom and our sales team would be happy to provide a thorough explanation of all of the available features. 

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