Future Smartphone App Will Let You Unlock Your Hyundai

We all know that everyone nowadays depends on their Smartphone for multiple things such as tracking the miles you run and reminding you to pay your bills.  But unlocking your car?  Hyundai wants you to be able to do this as well. We at Green Family Hyundai are quite thrilled about this new development. This development project started overseas by integrating an NFC tag in a Hyundai i30 (known here as the Elantra GT).   Hyundai  is hoping that this pilot project named the Connectivity Concept will become a reality of the future and your Smartphone will one day replace your car keys.

So how does the Hyundai Connectivity Concept  work?

The car company added the NFC (near field communication) tag on the driver's side where the lock is normally located.  By waving your Smartphone at the NFC tag will unlock your car door.  But what if your Smartphone's battery is not charged?  Hyundai thought of this as well.

Hyundai has integrated a center console that acts as a charging plate.  By placing your Smartphone on the console, an inductive current will charge it.  This replaces cumbersome cables and ensures that you will always leave your car with a charged phone.  And for the ultimate connectivity:  the app transfers all pertinent information such as navigation and contacts to your dashboard.

You might also wonder how you're going to start your ignition if you don't have keys.  Well, the Connectivity Concept uses the integrated center console as well for this function.  By dropping your phone onto the plate, it will start your ignition.

Hyundai believes that its Connectivity Concept will be rolled out by 2015.  We all know that this seamless connection between your phone and your car is exciting but you may not want to wait that long to purchase your new car. In that case, Green Family Hyundai invites you to test drive the new or used Hyundai you've had your eye on today at 6801 44th Avenue in Moline.

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