Hyundai Outlines the Brand’s Future at NADA

A few weeks ago during the 2013 NADA Convention and Expo, Green Family Hyundai was excited to hear that Hyundai President and CEO John Krafcik, delivered a speech about Hyundai's future plans.  During his speech, Krafcik exposed the brand's goals moving forward. The overall premise is that the brand will be developing more premium products such as the HCD-14 Genesis Concept.

The HCD-14 Genesis Concept is a design inspiration that Hyundai will look to in the future for other vehicles in the brand's lineup.  The new design concept will appeal to younger drivers with luxury in mind.  Since the luxury models comprise of Hyundai's highest sales, Krafcik believes this is a good direction to head in the future.

Other highlights of his speech included the desire to defy convention.  As Krafcik explains, "We like to say that when the whole industry moves to the left, we'll have a look in that direction, but we'll look even more intently at the opportunities on the right."1

Krafcik also explained that Hyundai will require additional global expansion.  He remarked that the year-over-year global sales were up 27.8% last January.  This is good news for the brand as it is gaining popularity throughout the world.

For more about the new Hyundai models that will be arriving in the future, be sure to check back often right here with Green Family Hyundai. We've always got the latest tidbits to tickle your fancy!

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