Hyundai to Produce a Fuel Cell Edition of the Tucson

We recently reported on the Green Family Hyundai blog that a group of fuel cell vehicles were helping the capital of Denmark achieve carbon-neutral status by 2025. We can only assume that things are going well as the ix35 will don a more familiar moniker and begin to branch out further into Europe and even to the US in the near future.

The plan is to deliver a relatively small fleet of fuel cell Hyundai Tucson models to the European market by 2015. The following year, Hyundai execs are hoping to fan out production across the continent and to bring the new Tucson to California. Further production simply depends on a hydrogen infrastructure being set into place. So while it might be a little while before the model makes its way into our Moline, IL dealership, we do already have quite a few details about the carbon-neutral offering.

From an aesthetic standpoint, the fuel cell vehicle will largely resemble the gas-powered Tucson as it will be assembled in the very same South Korean plant. The hydrogen edition will borrow technology from another familiar vehicle, the Sonata Hybrid, as it will utilize a similar battery. Accordingly, the crossover will feature a quieter ride than its gasoline counterpart.

Although the fuel source is quite a bit different from your standard petroleum, drivers won't notice too many dissimilarities behind the wheel. The vehicle can hit 100 mph; it can accelerate from 0-62 in 12.5 seconds; and the European test drive cycle boasts a range of 367 miles. Sounds like when the time comes, making the switch to hydrogen won't require too much in the way of second thoughts.

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