Veloster C3 Roll Top Concept: Part Convertible, Part Utility Vehicle, All Hyundai

Perhaps one of our favorite things about Hyundai would be the fact that the automotive brand isn't afraid of breaking a few boundaries here and there. The auto innovators behind new Hyundai models know that lines dividing each vehicle segment need not be so rigid. In fact, sometimes they can even become quite soft.

Take the latest Hyundai concept for example. Revealed at the 2012 L.A. Auto Show, the Hyundai Veloster C3 Roll Top concept model wears a snappy white, red, and mint-green color scheme. But that's not what makes the auto unique. Designers have blended together the notion of a convertible with that of a utility vehicle to come up with the Veloster concept's soft canvas roll top roof.

What exactly is a "roll top roof"? Precisely what it sounds like. Drivers can roll the slate of canvas backwards or forwards in order to open up the vehicle and allow for tall equipment such as bicycles to stick out. Unlike a full-on convertible, the Veloster C3 Roll Top doesn't entirely loose its roofline. Rather the windows and sides remain intact while a tailgate drops down for greater utility use.

At this point in time, Hyundai hasn't confirmed the versatile Veloster for production. Be sure to keep checking back with our Green Family Hyundai blog and we'll be sure to keep those in the Moline area informed on all the latest updates and details.

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